Train smart!

Train smart! ,One of the most important lessons in the gym, I learned over the years is: “Train smart!”.

How simple it sounds just right? “Train smart and everything will be fine!”, “It is enough to train smart and will achieve their goal”.

Yes, but in fact behind these words lies the material for life, because everyone understands what it is smartest coaching him while going on their way.
One has to read something rather different – try it on your back.

Well, there are still a few “rules” that could be defined as more common and it is on them will stop now.

Train according to your experience

Very often found absolutely enthusiasts who first come into the gym and throw the advanced programs. More and more I see teenagers who train one muscle group per workout because doing so beloved professional bodybuilder.

Contrast, people who train 5, 6, 7+ years, but … do not change anything in your training program – neither the layout and choice of exercises and repetitions or sets or even weights. To be honest, when you hear someone practicing for 7 years, you think it is advanced, but actually the reality and behavior in the hall did not meet expectations.

To train smart, we need to select your program according to your experience, objectives and possibilities for recovery.

Train according to its goal

Clarify what you want to achieve and train so that you draw closer to your goal, not vice versa.

A concrete example: many women want to have the kind of tight raised bottom and shaped legs, but throw the endless daily and monotonous cardio.
In this case they should seek appropriate information to see that their purpose requires other means (or to put it bluntly – a large percentage of cases are precisely weight training).

To train smart, we can use right for us and our aim “weapons”.

Train according to its own characteristics

Yes, it is true that people do not distinguish especially anatomy.

Yes, it is true that many people want to upload muscle mass and many people want to remove fat.

But that does not mean that each group must be identical training.
Because though we are different, though equally anatomy of the face are many other factors that require a specific approach.

There are people who do not realize that because of their lifestyles have weak muscle groups and distortion (resulting from daily, many hours sitting in a chair and staring at the screen with poor posture, etc.). Instead of working on these units, they deliberately avoid them, “because it’s important to have big hands than could work for a healthy back.”

To train smart, we need to train the particularities of your own body.

Train whole body

This sign, we will know whether our training smart is a consequence of the above item.

It so happens that some people think they have only biceps and abdominal muscles. Day after day, week after week, month after month (or the whole summer season).

Remember to train smart, we need to adequately train the whole body.

Whether it’s in a workout or split – it does not matter. It is important to pay adequate attention to all units, not intentionally to reinforce some and weakening others. This entails except dissonant vision, and quite imbalances, which in turn affect pains, distortions and other unintended consequences.

Train firstly not for the purpose, and for the sake of movement

Or otherwise – train with love! Love what you do in the gym (or wherever you practice your workout).

Very often people start a kind of training “just to lose weight”, “to postegna summer,” etc.
This, in the long run (in my eyes) is doomed to unsatisfactory results if you wish to exercise is not dictated by the sheer pleasure of movement.

To train smart, change your attitude. Find movement you like. Find a program that brings you pleasure.

The objective will be achieved later if …

… we train smart.

There’s a nice story that if we want something that we never had, maybe we should do something we have never done.

Or other – we can not expect different results if we do the same thing every day.

Let’s transpose these things within the training – no way want to lose excess fat but keep on treading with food and not moving enough. It needs to change something in habits to progress to the goal.

Many people have set such targets that require training beyond the comfort zone.

Have assessed what is the program that will follow the hall and the approach is clear – hard training to the max.
And here is prepanikamacheto that could interfere with smart training if you do not know how to jump – namely by autoregulation.

Autoregulation in training terms means taking decisions during your workout no matter what was the preliminary plan. These decisions are determined by how you feel – you recovered fully, you sleep enough, etc.

Sometimes more does not mean better, and if you train hard every time, ignoring the signals of your body, you risk stagnating, which you can avoid by autoregulation.

To train smart means to be careful during your workout, and if you must – today to fulfill series with five kilograms less than planned because yesterday you had a hard physical work, and at night not sleeping well.

Progress is not ideal rights. Often, to get from point A to point B, having to depart. It depends on us how long is this deviation and with what consequences.

Are you smartest players of you in training?
What are the principles that follow in this regard?

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