Lupin protein – what is it and how is it taken?

Lupin protein – what is it and how is it taken?

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Lupin protein is a plant protein less well known but worthy of attention, especially to those who for one reason or another limit their consumption of animal sources of protein.

What is lupin protein made of and what is the protein content, you will find out in the following lines.

What is lupin protein made of

Lupin protein is extracted from the lupin plant.

The genus Lupina (Lupinus) includes more than 200 species of plants of the family. Of great interest is the white lupin (L. albus), characterised by its high nutritional value.

Lupine beans have been used since ancient times – they were known to the Romans and were also used in the Mediterranean and the Andes.

It is their high protein content (nearly 40%) that makes lupin protein an eye-catching plant protein.

Nutritional value of lupin protein

Lupin protein contains 328 kcal, 7.5 g carbohydrates, 35 g fiber, 7.9 g fat, 39.2 g protein per 100 g dry product.

How to take lupin protein

Lupin protein is not a substitute for a complete and varied diet, but a supplement to it.

It can be taken to supplement the daily amount of protein.

Variants are both in the form of a shake and in baked goods (biscuits, bread) or making protein bars and raw candy.

Who is lupin protein for

Lupin protein can be taken by vegans, vegetarians and omnivores.

More common is its inclusion in the menu of people who emphasize plant-based food, because in this case it is more difficult to reach the necessary amount of protein for the day.

Lupin protein can be added to other types of plant protein to achieve a better supply of different amino acids.


The modern lifestyle has both cons and pros. One of the advantages is that the market for nutritional and sports supplements is richer than ever and it is easier for people with specific diets to get the optimal amount of substances.

This is especially true for the protein and protein powder category.

Lupin protein powder is one of several plant-based types of protein powder with which you can supplement the required amount of protein.