Best Whey Protein Powder for Women – Is there One ?

Best Whey Protein Powder for Women- this is a definition that is increasingly coming into use, given how diverse the supplement market is and how more and more products are marketed as a special formula for ladies.

When it comes to protein, though, is it right to separate by gender? This will become clear in the following lines.

Protein powder for women

Protein powder for women? Yes, practically so marketed product exists.

More and more manufacturers offer on the market supplements aimed specifically at the fair half of humanity.

However, the truth is that protein powder is not separated by gender. There is no protein for women, nor protein for men.

If you’re a woman and you’re considering buying protein powder, any protein would do. Often the ones that are specifically advertised for women are also at a higher price, like supposedly something special.

However, there is nothing magical about them, which opens up the next topic.

Protein for women for weight loss

Ladies are increasingly looking for protein for women for weight loss.

But not only are there no special proteins for women, there are none for weight loss.

Protein powder alone does not have these abilities. For weight loss, you need to look at the bigger picture – the calories taken in and absorbed, along with the calories expended. To lose weight, we need to expend more than we absorb.

This is done through food manipulation and/or added physical activity, preferably both.

Many women purchase such a special product and count on drinking it to automatically lose weight, but if they pay attention to nutrition and exercise, they can achieve their goal without lightening their wallet.

Of course, protein powder has applications in women’s diets as well.

If more than 80% of the daily amount of protein cannot be obtained through food, then it is appropriate to add protein powder.

But, again – any protein will do. It’s a matter of taste, preference and budget.

Daily dose of protein for women

The daily dose of protein is not a universal number because it depends on the characteristics, regimen and goals of the individual.

The daily dose of protein for women does not make a difference, except that in most cases ladies have a lower need for protein compared to men.

The daily protein intake is based on the total amount of protein taken for the day (either through food alone or through food combined with protein powder).

Most exercisers (95%) would derive almost maximum benefit with an intake of 2 grams of protein for every body pound.

Which means that at a personal weight of 80 kg, an intake of 160 g of protein per day should be sufficient.

At least 60-70% should be obtained through food, and the remaining amount can be supplemented through protein powder.


Nutritional supplements are not separated by gender, and protein powder is no exception. Although there are protein powders for women on the market, virtually any other will do as well.

Ladies should determine their protein requirement based on the total amount they take in through food.

Purchasing protein powder is not a prerequisite for achieving goals, but it is advisable if one cannot get more than 60-70% of protein through food.

Of course, it is more important to work towards optimizing nutrition rather than reaching for the supplement first.

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