Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot The new-old trend in healthy living

Although it seems somewhat extravagant in the modern world, in recent years has emerged a new trend whose supporters, although a minority currently continue to increase. Most supporters is the idea among physically active portion of the population, in particular – among lovers of running.

If we look at history, it turns out that shoes are actually a new trend of mankind. In ancient times, shoes have served mainly to protect feet from physical injury from uneven ground, or to prevent frostbite, they were crafted from natural materials.

Contemporary shoes were used only when necessary. It seems rather strange when we see someone walking barefoot, the soles of our shoes are made primarily from synthetic materials and their shape often sacrifice comfort in the name of our understanding of aesthetics.

Here’s what the science says about some of the effects of habit us to bear life shoes:

Shoes alter gait even in childhood. With shoes we go faster, making bigger strides with greater range of motion of the ankle and knee and increased activity of Tibialis anterior. Shoes limited range of motion of the muscles of the foot, leaving him inactive and insensitive, and increased ancillary movements.
As surprising as it sounds, specialized running shoes lead to a change in the natural course of the foot during running, as over time the weight shifts to the heel that is not anatomically suited to absorb the impact and generates discomfort throughout musculoskeletal system, since the resonance of “ramming” in the fifth gave its impact on the knee area, pelvis and spine.
Uneven soles, including shoes with high heels, platform shoes, and a large part of the specialized sports shoes, including sneakers Running displace the center of gravity us, thereby leading to changes in gait, spinal deformities, muscle imbalances and more. Let’s say that they are a necessary evil in sports like weightlifting, but going too high current is a proven way to shorten the Achilles tendon, which neutralize turns is unequal battle with the aesthetics and ego elements in our existence.

Why walk barefoot?

Walking barefoot returns the natural gait, carrying the burden on the pads of the feet.
Returns tone the muscles of the foot, improves deformations in the arches of the feet. Helps relaxation of muscle fascia whose elasticity defraud in different ways, often too long standing in the workday or insufficient recovery after a serious training load.
Walking barefoot would be very suitable for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, seeking alternative methods to suppress the symptoms and delay the unpleasant feelings consequence of the disease, also stimulates blood circulation and heart function.
Outstanding benefits will feel the people suffering from the so-called. “Dead bone” of the big toe, which is a type of inflammatory disease and is not a harmless cosmetic defect. And relieves arthritic conditions.
Since we are creatures subject to electricity much more than chemistry, walking barefoot is important because we grounded, ie physically connects us with the ground, which has a negative electric charge, in contrast to the atmosphere, which is positively charged. This ground has a very large impact on all processes in the body.

How to walk barefoot

Although it sounds quite simple to implement, walking and running barefoot requires some preparation, because our feet have grown accustomed to the soles of shoes and probably will experience some inconvenience in the beginning.

Start by spending some time barefoot on grass or any smooth surface with no risk to hurt your feet. The first 10-15 minutes you will most strange and uncomfortable. Then your feet will only begin to adjust to the new environment for them.

At each step, put his feet on the ground without any hassle – no kicking and do not drag your feet. The greatest risk of injury precisely in these “parasitic” moves that will naturally off of gait.

Always focus your attention at least two or three steps ahead of you. This will be particularly important habit, if you walk on uneven or rocky terrain, and is a matter of sensory coordination, which usually takes place on a subconscious level, but it will be helpful if you invest and conscious effort at improvement.

Pay special attention to which part of the foot is landing. First step on the foot pads and carry a big burden on them as this is one of their main functions – to absorb the shock from the contact with the ground.

Walking shoes with thick soles and soft, we unconsciously transferring the weight on your heels, but when walking barefoot this would lead to unpleasant sensations in some joints.

Walking barefoot or with shoes five fingers

Shoes five fingers, although not bring all the benefits of walking barefoot give proper articulation of the foot and maintain the position of the spine. It is difficult for a person wearing shoes, have a natural gait, because the shoes do not support the arch well and do not allow the natural movement of the foot and ankle.

This is not necessarily painful, but it is something that slowly but surely builds up as negative in our musculoskeletal system and is a matter of time to start and unpleasant sensations. Shoes with five fingers back foot to correct movement during walking and running, and bring with them much of the positive effects of walking barefoot.

Search minimalism in terms of the sole when choosing your shoes and pay attention to details in their way of walking. Each of these matters and his negligence would lead to the emergence of imbalances in our musculo-skeletal system and would cause pain.