Top 10 Scientifically proven herbal Aphrodisiacs Do they work?

Top 10 Aphrodisiacs – Often in the public space we perceive concepts that have become part of a certain lifestyle concept, without actually knowing what they mean. For example, we have all heard of aphrodisiacs. Usually the concept is present as a mysterious statement that something is an aphrodisiac and therefore has certain properties related to sex and sexual desire. However, it is relatively rare to find information that explains what an aphrodisiac actually is and how it works.

An aphrodisiac is a food, drink, drug, fragrance, or device that is credited with the ability to increase sexual desire and, more broadly, improve performance during intercourse. Its name comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Over the years, many foods, beverages, and states of mind have been “accused” of facilitating sex and providing greater pleasure during intercourse. efficacy or so-called placebo effect.

There are many misconceptions about aphrodisiacs these days – for example, drugs that increase sexual activity are incorrectly called aphrodisiacs; for a substance to be a true aphrodisiac, it must create desire, not enhance the ability or possibilities for sex.

The chemistry of sexual desire

To understand how aphrodisiacs “work”, we simply need to answer the question: “What happens in our body and brain when we experience sexual arousal?” The truth is that behind the reputation of aphrodisiacs lies a little pure biochemistry and a little mystery. In other words, the motor for our sexual desire is controlled by our hormones, with testosterone having the upper hand. Every time we see, feel, think, touch, smell, or otherwise touch something that stimulates us sexually, the following happens: Initially, signals are sent through the nervous system from the limbic area of ​​the brain to the pelvic area.

These signals “tell” the blood vessels to dilate, which in both men and women leads to an erection (the female erectile tissues are located at the entrance to the vagina). The described process is accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, while the brain secretes norepinephrine and dopamine – neurotransmitters that “tell” the body that what happened is a pleasure and enjoyment. If we do not have enough testosterone in our body, the desire for sex may decrease and even disappear. Other major factors influencing the desire for sex are stress, fatigue and depression.

What is the secret of aphrodisiacs?

The reputation of some aphrodisiacs and the magical properties attributed to them to arouse sexual desire is due solely to the so-called. the magic of attachment. Shrimp are considered an aphrodisiac because of their female genital shape. This also explains the trade in the phallus-like rhino horn, which in the meantime has caused serious damage to the numbers of the animal species in question. Other animal aphrodisiacs gain a reputation for the animal’s outward masculinity or aggression, such as the tiger’s penis. Over the centuries, people have made associations with aphrodisiacs with animals, who are known as masculine and prolific reproducers. Rabbits, tigers, goats and bulls, for example, have the reputation of abundant reproduction, strength and masculinity. Drawings in the caves show scenes in which hunters eat the testicles of the animals they have killed, believing that they will accept the qualities of the animal itself.

According to experts, aphrodisiacs can create sexual desire in two ways: by affecting the brain and by affecting parts of our body. For example, something that increases blood flow to the sexual organs can simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse and actually create a desire for sex. Similarly, there are substances that cause our body to produce more chemicals associated with sexual desire.

Substances that “lower” inhibitions such as alcohol and marijuana can also create or “unlock” sexual desire. Sometimes even the mere thought that something is an aphrodisiac creates the feeling that it really works as such. Studies show that certain foods, spices and other supplements can actually stimulate the release of hormones and other chemicals that affect libido.

What they don’t know, however, is whether these substances are produced in large enough quantities to make a difference. There are not many in-depth studies in this area, as libido is generally a difficult condition to study. There are also substances that suppress sexual desire. They are called anaphrodisiacs.

Top 10 aphrodisiacs

Top 10 aphrodisiacs Research ranks the most famous aphrodisiacs in a ranking, which we publish below. Some of them certainly seem strange and strange to us Europeans, but they are definitely relevant among some Eastern peoples:

10. Rhino horn – Apart from the fact that the idea itself seems insane, the alleged aphrodisiac has no sexual power. Its close to erect penis form is the basis of the myth that the powdered horn dust will have a sexual effect when taken. At best, the beneficial effect would be the intake of additional nutrients such as phosphorus, providing additional energy. In some countries, such as China, its use is illegal.

9. Spanish fly Another myth about an aphrodisiac, existing only in the minds of people. It is neither a fly nor a Spain. Highly toxic powder, about which we will say more details below.

8. Alcohol Another fake aphrodisiac, alcohol simply removes inhibitions and increases the level of irrationality in people. However, few people know the fact that along with the removal of clothing and restraints, drinking and taking the so-called. group drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy contribute to erectile dysfunction in men. Drugs attack the bloodstream through their effects on the veins and arteries, and have a negative effect on testosterone levels, and thus the desire for sex. A drink is a pleasant and normal activity, but to rely on alcohol to improve mood is already a signal of a serious problem.

7. Chocolate And this “aphrodisiac” does not work, but it tastes great and we can eat it from time to time, right? Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin, which activate the areas of the brain associated with pleasure. Cocoa temptation is similar to sex in this However, studies have not found a direct link between chocolate and the onset of sexual desire.

6. Shrimp Many foods (bananas, asparagus, carrots, avocados) are considered aphrodisiacs because their shape resembles the shape of male or female genitals. Thus, shrimp have been declared an aphrodisiac because of their shape, resembling a female genitalia. Legend has it that Casanova ate 50 raw shrimp for breakfast each morning. Interestingly, however, the fact that shrimp are rich in zinc, which is necessary for the formation of sperm and their consumption actually leads to a positive effect, but certainly does not create desire.

Shrimp also contain D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which in laboratory experiments with rats lead to an increase in testosterone levels, which in turn can theoretically increase sexual desire. But even if they are not a real aphrodisiac, shrimp still remain a very good appetizer.

5. Yohimbe, tribulus They are usually found in powder, in capsules, and are known as “natural Viagra.” Unfortunately, large doses of these substances can be very dangerous.

4. Viagra The widely discussed sex pill Viagra is not actually an aphrodisiac. In order for the famous drug to work, there must be sexual activity. Namely, increased sexual desire is a motive for buying Viagra. The essence of the action of Viagra is very simple – it increases blood flow to the genitals and blocks the blood there, thus helping to maintain an erection.

3. Psychoanalysis Some sexual problems in men and women are the result of depression, fatigue or a psychological problem. Psychiatrists, counselors and sex therapists can often play the role of a powerful aphrodisiac and increase sexual desire through various mechanisms and therapies.

2. Getting in shape According to research, erectile dysfunction also depends largely on poor physical health and lack of activity. More than 50% of those surveyed suffering from diabetes and 44% of hypertensives had a problem getting an erection “sometimes” or “always”. Therefore, getting in good general and athletic shape can significantly increase the desire for sex.

1. Respect Respect for the sexual partner and understanding of his needs can also lead to the emergence of a desire for sex.

Top 10 aphrodisiacs


Aphrodisiacs from nature

Various types of substances are known from sources of information on aphrodisiacs, some of which are spices. In addition to contributing to the wonderful taste of our food, here are some more of their beneficial effects on us:

Arginine Arginine

is an amino acid found mainly in meat, nuts, eggs, coconut milk and cheese. In the human body, it is converted to nitrogen dioxide, which increases blood flow to the genitals. When combined with other ingredients, arginine generally increases sexual desire in women.


Studies have shown that this herb improves sexual function in males. It works in a similar way to androgen (the sex hormone) and could stimulate sexual ability in women suffering from androgen deficiency.


Laboratory studies have shown that fennel improves sexual desire in male and female rats. The spice in question contains ingredients that “mimic” the female hormone estrogen, but if overdosed, a toxic reaction can occur.


Ginseng is the next alleged aphrodisiac. In animal laboratory tests, it has been found that ingestion of ginseng does not have an immediate effect on testosterone levels, but may trigger the mechanisms leading to increased sexual desire. However, this effect occurs only in individuals with a deficiency of the hormone in question and the substances contained in the herb.

Spanish Fly

Perhaps one of the most famous “aphrodisiacs” is the so-called Spanish fly. To everyone’s surprise, it is neither a fly nor Spain. This aphrodisiac is a powdered dried body of a beetle that secretes acidic juice when attacked. When taking the powdered “Spanish fly”, the human body begins to excrete cantharidin in the urine.

This causes intense irritation and burning in the genitourinary tract, which leads to itching and swelling in the genital area. These signs resemble the sensation and symptoms of sexual arousal, and therefore the “Spanish fly” in question is considered an aphrodisiac. The dust in question can cause severe gastrointestinal disorders, convulsions and even death.


Yohimbe is used both as an aphrodisiac and as a remedy for erectile dysfunction in men. It is extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree growing in West Africa. Yohimbine, the main active ingredient of Yohimbe, blocks alpha-2 receptors and increases the capacity of blood vessels that are involved in the process of achieving and maintaining an erection. However, incorrect dosing of yohimbe can lead to quite undesirable consequences.

Other types of aphrodisiacs



Scents have a very strong presence when it comes to romance. The memory of the scent of a romantic partner can stay with us long after the romance is gone – so long that when we return to these memories, the waterfall of feelings floods us again. Does that mean then that the scent is also an aphrodisiac?

In a sense, yes. The scent can provoke desires, but not in a partner who does not have one at all. In a study on the effect of different scents on the stimulation of sexual desire, the results show that several types of scents do work. It seems strange, but the smell of cheese pizza, for example, increased blood flow to the penis by 5%, popcorn with butter – by 9%, and pumpkin pie – by 40%. In women, pumpkin pie also had a stimulating effect, but the aroma of licorice was more effective in combination with cucumber, which caused the largest increase in blood flow to the vagina.

Human pheromones can also cause sexual desire. The word pheromone comes from the Greek pherein and hormone and means “carrier of arousal.” In the animal world, pheromones are the individual odor prints contained in the urine or sweat of animals that dictate sexual behavior or attract the opposite sex. They help animals differentiate themselves from each other and choose a partner with an immune system different enough from their own to create a healthy offspring. The animals have a special organ in their noses – the so-called vomeronasal organ (VNO), which captures the odorless ingredient in question.

Human pheromones were discovered in 1986 in one of the body’s fluid, sweat. Only in some people was the so-called vomeronasal organ found. But even if not all of us have such an organ, there is still ample evidence that fragrances are an important aspect of love (notice the perfume industry, which is developing at a staggering pace). Informal experiments were performed on twins. Both twins sat in a bar in the evening, one of them sprayed with synthetic pheromones. As a result, the twin in question was approached and talked about 3 times more than the unscented one.


Music can “set” a mood, maintain it, or destroy it. What the aphrodisiac effect of music actually is is the memory that the mind evokes when we hear a certain melody. If you have fond memories of a slow dance of a certain song with someone you have loved in the past, the song will have an effect on you at a later stage.


It turns out that sport is not only good for our physical health and good figure, but also for our sex life. Research shows that aphrodisiac properties in sports are associated with endorphins released in the brain under vigorous exercise. It is endorphins that are responsible for our good mood. Other effects of exercise are increasing blood flow to the genitals and positioning the body in various ways that stimulate flow and can permanently increase sexual desire.

Quite aside from this question is the fact that exercise and building muscle mass actually increases testosterone levels, which is also responsible for increased sexual appetite. So, do aphrodisiacs really have an effect on us or is it all in our heads? We will be happy if you share your opinion.

Top 10 Aphrodisiacs



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Top 10 aphrodisiacs

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