Goal, I believe, then I can do this

The battle for a healthy and harmonious body is primarily a battle with ourselves

Our first small victory. Since its inception, our lives have to show willpower, perseverance and tenacity. The little child took his first steps hesitant and uncertain, supported by their parents. With every step it becomes more confident occur until the moment when starts to move unaided.

Gradually walking becomes conscious effort naturally and unconsciously act. Like walking, many things in our lives begin as conscious and purposeful effort to become gradually and imperceptibly into an integral part of ourselves.

Every beginning and any changes are difficult, but time has a magical ability to erase those memories that will make us reminds us how difficult it was at first.

After these introductory words you still think that since each of us has learned to walk, it is impossible to succeed in a healthy and harmonious body, which dreams?

If you are someone who uses the phrases “I want to lose weight, but can not”, this article is intended just for you. You must be sure that the only obstacle that happening are not your bad genes or ill fate, and the fear and uncertainty that block your natural mechanisms to fight and achieve success.

As you can see, each of us is implicit desire to fight, but succeeded only those who believe in success. In general terms, a person will become what they believe will become. Each small step marks the biggest success you – will not give up and go forward. You achieve this success, everything else will happen just because you think it is natural and achievable.

The mind guides the actions of your body and therefore everything or almost everything is achievable if you believe. Your body can endure almost anything. The mind is what must be able to convince.

If you were trying to achieve a healthy and harmonious body and have endeavored, but things have not received, it is time to ask yourself why. Although most of you are convinced that it is only they can not obtain the desired change will be surprised that this is not at all true.

Your personal disappointments are just your personal expectations are not met his twin brother in real life. What are your expectations based? In the life of man is daily inundated a large amount of information. Part of it just passes us, but another part we perceive it and conscious and subconscious level manages to fit our spiritual home in the form of stereotypes and expectations.

For example, the influence of the media with the imposition of images of female bodies weak results in the formation in women’s attitude to associate physical beauty and admiration of her with slabotata. Since the life of the women is constantly filled with contradictions, fear and insecurity makes them focus on beauty treatments and beautiful clothes to secure pleasure, which unfortunately is too short.

Trying to remove his own uncertainty in how you look by beautiful things is the same as to change the packaging of spoiled food and believe that you have solved the problem.

Media against real image

It is useful to know that not everything we see in the media – television, magazines, etc. It is achievable in real life. The food is quickly tamped in the eyes of the hungry, but few of us have asked ourselves whether the models look so during every single day of your life. The truth is that unless the fruit of many years of efforts in the field of training and proper nutrition, sculpted bodies of the models are the result of specific short-term efforts in order to achieve a perfect fit for a particular purpose – shoot, participation in the contest and more.

They say that man is as big as his dreams are great, but if you expect that you will look every day like the model on the cover of the magazine, your disappointment is in the bag. Good form is your personal asset that you can own life if you can turn it into a habit, not an end in itself. Time will leave its mark, but your satisfaction can remain intact if work on your way you perceive good shape.

In the long term best form no physical dimensions. It is the way you perceive yourself. Then you can try to control this perception and change its shape – you can become weaker or more volume and be equally happy. As stated above, our success become reality only when we believe that we can succeed.

The familiar phrase that champions are born, is proof that the power of thinking is practically endless. The good results and satisfaction are the strongest motivators and incentives to move forward.

Each goal achieved, however, leads to the end of a battle, and thus to some disappointment. We have achieved the desired and now? According to the American psychologist Abraham Maslow human needs are arranged in a pyramid and meet at the bottom allows for moving to standing over her. We will probably turn to a new purpose.

The goals can be very different and in themselves they are nothing more than a terminus to which we travel. Since the shortage is the driving force in them achieving their motivation decreases and human behavior change. The trail they leave is precisely the way of their realization and precisely in this way develop our satisfaction.

Do not let your gaze fixed on the ultimate goal you want to feel satisfaction on the way to attain it. This is guaranteed to turn you into an unhappy man haunted by his frustration.

If you love what you do, if your actions are dressed with desire, you will be pleased with the results, however minor they may be. Because they are running your small victory.



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Hello there I have to say I’m struggle in my life and I’m in big depression right now and reading this give me light at the towel at the 4nd of the day most important is to be happy right?

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