Best workout Plan : How to Choose The Best Program For You

Best workout Plan, A Workout program is a fitness plan tailored to experience, goals, and other individual factors.

The goal of a fitness program is to lead a person to a cherished desire, such as weight loss, muscle gain, improved tone, and more.

And since the topic is surrounded by many questions, let’s not waste time but go through them one by one.


Types of Workout program

Workout programs in the gym come in a variety of forms, depending on goals, experience and even preferences.

We would distinguish three types among them.

Strength Workout program

As their name suggests, the main goal of these workout programs is to increase strength. They are anaerobic in nature.

There are different options for designing a strength program, as well as different exercise selection and protocol options.

However, the most common are:

  • full body workouts;
  • with exercises for large muscle groups (chest, back, legs);
  • with multi-joint movements (squats, military press, lunges, deadlifts);
  • with higher intensity (fewer repetitions, but at a higher weight).

Cardio workouts

Cardio workouts are aerobic in nature and are movements or a system of exercises that stress the cardiovascular system.

The following are considered cardio workouts in fitness:

  • trail running/walking;
  • exercise bike;
  • cross trainer;
  • climbing stairs (escalator);
  • rowing machine
  • stepper.
However, cardio training can also be achieved with exercises performed at high density (few rests), with more repetitions and lower weight.

Circuit training

Circuit training, as you may have guessed, is a set of exercises performed in a specific order (circle).

Once this circuit is completed from start to finish, it is repeated, twitched, etc. according to the specific program.

Circuit training is what beginners usually gravitate towards.

Specific circuit workouts are also used by professional athletes.


Types of workout programs according to place of performance

Although we say “fitness program”, exercise programs can also be performed outside the gym.

In the hall

The gym is the most accessible and mass place for training programs of this type.

There are a wide variety of gyms, equipment available, and terms for monthly or other subscriptions.

At home

If for some reason you don’t want to or can’t visit a gym, you can follow an exercise program at home.

Yes, as long as it is well chosen and you are consistent in your actions, you will have results.

Programs at home can be either of exercises with your own weight only, or in combination with bands or even weights if one is willing to invest in that.

It all depends on goals, budget, available space, etc.

On pull up Bar

Training on Bar or street fitness is also an option to train outside the gym and achieve results in terms of sports.

The workouts are mostly self-weighted and depending on experience include exercises such as: pull-ups, push-ups, buckets, power climbs, front/back scales and much, much more.

Types of training programs

It is common to divide fitness programs into programs for women and programs for men.


Workout program for women

Although the aforementioned division applies, the truth is that workouts and exercises are not divided by gender.

However, most ladies prefer to train their lower body (thighs and gluteal muscles), hence the implicit “rule” that the workout program for women is mostly with this type of workouts.

It is important to clarify that it is better to train the whole body in order not to intentionally create imbalances.

Another pervasive myth in the field is that the training program for women should be cardio and women should not lift weights.

This is not true. Weights won’t make a woman look like a man, in naturally exercising ladies.

Workout program for men

Most men aim to gain strength and mass, so it’s more common for their workouts to be strength-oriented, with basic and multi-joint movements.

However, any program would work for men as long as it meets the goals and capabilities of the trainee.

Workout program by goal

Fitness programs are mainly divided not by gender, but by the end goal.

Let’s look at the most common options.

Workout program for mass

The goal of a mass training program is to create the right stress stimuli to increase muscle mass.

Full body workouts or a combination of large muscle groups, multi-joint movements and free weight work are suitable.

Of course, an appropriate diet is a must

Workout program for weight loss

Although there is a perception that a workout program is cardio training or performing movements with many repetitions at a low weight, the truth is that any workout program will lead to weight loss if it is combined with a proper diet.

Choose the type of physical activity that you enjoy.

We are obliged to point out that you will derive many positives from resistance training. These are workouts with weights, with bands, your own weight or a combination of all of the above – workouts that challenge your musculature.

Workout program for shred

Often beginners want a fitness program for relief.

However, such…

…does not exist.

Relief is achieved with a low body fat percentage combined with trained musculature.

The formula for achieving it is a proper diet to reduce body fat combined with resistance training.

Workout program for muscle mass

The muscle mass training program overlaps with the mass program. The main emphasis is on strength training and higher intensity.

Strength Workout Program

Strength training programs are specific and are inherent to strength athletes – power triathletes and power all-rounders for example.

Of course, amateur strength trainers train for strength as well.

Strength training programs do not aim at muscular hypertrophy, but often things are related.

Whole Body Workout Program

The full body workout program is suitable for beginners, but also for more advanced exercisers aiming to increase strength.

It is characterized by training the whole body in one workout.

Workout program by experience

Fitness programs vary according to the experience of the person who will be doing them. There are two main types.

Training program for beginners

It is tailored to the fact that a person is still learning new movements and building new habits.

We recommend that beginners focus on simpler workouts containing a small number of exercises, but targeting the large muscle groups.

Whole body workouts, rather than separating by muscle group, are suitable for beginners. Or to put it another way, “Monday – chest day, Tuesday – back day” is not a good program for a beginner.

Advanced Workout Program

The advanced fitness program is more complex because once a person has mastered the optimal movement technique and has gained experience, a desire for more specific goals emerges.

Programs differ in whether the advanced exerciser is an amateur or an athlete, wants to develop qualities such as speed, strength, quickness, explosiveness or wants to emphasize vision, etc.

Different variations of combining muscle groups are found in an advanced training program.

Who can design an optimal training program for us? Best workout program ?

It is especially important for beginners to start exercising properly. This means especially to learn the movements in an optimal way for them.

It is therefore advisable to have a certified trainer design the training program.

It is possible to do it on your own, with a lot of reading, watching instructional videos, etc., but nowadays the sea of information is more like an ocean and it is difficult for a beginner to sift the “right” from the “wrong”.

This is where the experienced coach/instructor comes in.

Our team is here if you need assistance.

There is no one-size-fits-all training program and we believe in an individual approach.

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